• Paushali Majumder

5 Major Tips to Build & Improve Your Online Presence with Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, success is synonymous to a strong and consistent online presence. The theory of content marketing is no rocket science. In this, trust is the stepping stone to engagement and, engagement invites leads and eventually brand loyalty.

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Now the question is how to contribute to digital growth? The answer is simply to abide by the following tips!

A List of Content Marketing Techniques to Soar Higher Than Ever!

Proper Email Marketing

No matter how many ways to reach out to the mass have stepped into the scenario, email marketing still continues to be the undisputed winner amongst all. There’s none matching up to the inbox when it comes to the direct ways of organically reaching the target audience. In today’s date it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t use email and that adds up to the value of email marketing. So, email holds immense potential. Thus, proper email marketing is the key to excel at content marketing. Let’s have a look at what implies right email marketing! To make the most of email marketing, avoid spamming! Spamming not only points to scams or irrelevant self-promotion. Sending a humongous bulk of emails come under the category of spam too! Bombarding the readers’ inboxes every now and then only leads to them overlooking the relevance or the significance of the content. Gradually, it will result in sheer annoyance, and they’ll straight away “delete” your emails, making all your efforts go in vain. So, make sure you don’t go over the top in the name of email marketing.

Take Blogging Seriously!

Blogging is a constant chartbuster since a long while. Even after quite a few years, it is still one of the most profitable techniques to enhance content marketing activities. But it is so only when your blog succeeds to swarm in interest, build a consistent reader base and make itself a familiar face amongst the crowd of numerous blogs on the same page. All you need is freshly brewed unique content posted on a regular basis to get your audience glued to your blog. Blogging is only effective when it follows the proper sequence. To start with it, select your industry. Download the template for your campaign. Customize your content with exact match keywords and convert ad copy with high click through rates. To make profit out of blogging, you need to score high in all three. Readers will have their queries and you have to be the ones answering them! That’s the unmatched way to reach the top and make your voice pierce through the cluster of noise online.

Take indirect ways into account, too!

The best way to succeed in a treasure hunt is to leave no alley unattended. That’s pretty much the same for blogging. Apart from adapting a direct approach, getting hands on indirect ones are equally effective. It’s mostly because of the roundups. Specially, the ones where you feature the experts of the block! Know how -

  • Generation of backlinks in abundance - Basically, roundup posts include links from the featured experts. Being featured presents to one fair chances to build their own authority. So basically, it’s a mutual support scenario.

  • Eases up promotion - Upon your expert roundup post being live, it just takes sharing the link with the contributors. Eventually, this simple act of sharing links help you reach to an increased number of people.

  • Get hands on industry connections and welcome your authority - Connecting with industry experts to create roundup post doubles as a golden opportunity to leverage, settle rapport, and build a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. Additionally, by publishing the post, your readers will furnish you with instant authority, courtesy your biggie connections.

Quality Content Creation

Techniques might be plentiful, but none makes sense unless it is given good content! Let’s face it- content that comes easy isn’t worthy. So, make sure you create, revise and repeat before you place it online. Incorporation of audiences’ favorite element is a great way to retain their interest.

Personalization of Your Content

Personalization, an act of streamlining content, is the latest content marketing trend taking the domain by a storm!

Make room for personalization to make your content stand out!