• Paushali Majumder

6 Unique Ways to Organize and Upgrade Your Instagram Feed

Social media has a huge say when it comes to success in digital marketing. In essence, Instagram plays a key role to help brands reach out to the mass and create a buzz about it. So, in the recent times, individuals as well as companies are investing a lion share of time in perfecting their Instagram feed. Without further ado, let’s run a glance through ways to an impactful ‘gram look!

Color Concoction

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Creating a pretty grid demands you to stick to a particular color palette. To ace that, all you have to do is try and design a minimum of six posts before hands to ensure they look good when placed side by side. If picking a specific palette seems to be pretty difficult, simply opting for an array of similar hues would do, like bright colors or pastels.

Going with the trend, “rainbow feed” where a set of colors fading into one another is a great way to adopt. To get hands on this seamless transition between colors, using images featuring the original color as well as the one you want it to infuse into. For attaining this effect, posting at least 6 images sharing same color is a great idea, before fading it to the following one. This works great to add the professional touch to your Instagram feed.


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Are you contented with your regular posts but it’s hard to put them in a grid? Then we have a trick for you! Try to make the entire feed more organized by posting some block color images or text images as ‘divider’.

For this, blending the same font along with an attentively chosen color palette is the trump card.

Let frames and image crops do the talking

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To gift your feed an artistic outlook, introducing different frames does the trick. This serves the purpose in a minimalist feel as makes room for more negative space around the highlighted content. Choosing your content using the crop feature in an alternative vertical and horizontal manner is all that it requires. Along with a lovely style it adds a sense of uniformity all over your feed.

Same filters

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Instagram showcases an array of filters built-in. But, using them the right way is the real deal. While using different ones for each post can make the feed look distinct, using the similar one is the way to consistency.

Say hi to mixed methods

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Sticking to a single design direction might be safe, but it fails to create the impact you desire. So, to spice up your regular storytelling for your brand, mix things up! Whether it’s the choice of color palette or the design, or monochrome photography with colored, mix and match is the mantra to make your feed stand out.

Experiment to excel

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If you have quite some time to spare for your Insta feed and creativity galore, this one’s for you then! Welcome the goodness of “puzzle method” to compress several images within one and create a wholesome masterpiece. This is no rocket science, careful planning, and choosing vertically aligned ones for the theme will get you through. Also remember, uneven number of posts would kill the theme instantly.