• Paushali Majumder

7 Signs To Understand When Your Law Firm Needs a New SEO Partner

There are several “churn and burn” SEO agencies robbing law firms and attorneys across the country in the name of cheap SEO ranking services. These agencies, making a mark by self-proclaimed SEO experts & their faux testimonials, promise impossible results for unreasonably low amount per month. Let’s face it- the quality of SEO is directly proportional to the sum that’s charged. Investing a few hundred dollars per month is certainly not going to put you on top in the organic search results for a competitive keyword (e.g., “[city] property lawyer”).

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So paying anything less than $1,000 per month for SEO, content, or link building is synonymous to sheer wastage of your time and money.

Now, the question is what amplifies this to make rounds in the market?

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There are a set of common reasons compelling the law firms to look for a new partner.

Presenting the seven major reasons why law firms cut off bonds with their SEO partner!

Mistaking A Mere Web Designer To Be A SEO Junkie!

There’s a set of clear differences between a web developer and a true SEO expert. Pretty often, law professionals mistakenly hire someone capable of building them a fancy website with no scope for SEO. The term ‘web developer’ doesn’t ensure up-to-date knowledge of the radical changes that take place in the world of SEO, understanding of link building and outreach, know-hows of writing or editing content, and the diagnosis and resolution of technical SEO complexities in a website. Surprisingly the aforementioned is a must to perform quality SEO!

Overlooking transparency – neglected communication, mismanagement of expectations!

Several lawyers are spending over $10,000 on SEO companies per month. At the end of each month, the companies trick them by sending Google Analytics screenshots, highlighting the only decent looking data points like - “Hey, great news! Your bounce rate went down by 2 per cent this month”, to cover up zero improvements. Most attorneys don’t even know what they pay their SEO partner for, leave alone knowing what all the charts and terms in these vague reports stand for! This absolute lack of communication implies that your law firm needs a new SEO partner.

Giving the process of tracking a miss!

Set up of tracking is a mandate. Whenever working with a client, one of the first things to be done is set up tracking. There’s no substitute. It’s important to compare the pre and post SEO performance after regular intervals. SEO partners who don’t put tracking in place won’t have the data and empirical evidence they need to make informed decisions.

Lack Of A Firm Content Strategy!

SEO is no magic wand to fetch traffic to your website once you hire one – it takes a lot of efforts in several aspects. If you aim to get more traffic, leads, and cases, you have to stick to a firm content strategy, providing Google streamlined content.

Not Prioritizing Link Building

While some companies ignore link building, some do it using outdated practices producing reverse results. They’re building numerous directory links, engaging in forum commenting, and other cheap tactics hoping for artificially inflating organic search rankings. Thus, they end up failing miserably at SEO ranking.

Absence Of Client Education

Your SEO partner should also be educating you as a client so that you have a clear idea about what you are paying for. Alongside, attorneys should leave no stones unturned to be familiar with Google’s search updates.

Zero Focus On Conversion Tactics

It’s important to understand how people interact with the website. If the SEO partner is not doing any A/B split testing to improve conversions, your firm is missing out on several drives and cases.

Ensure stellar SEO performance by associating with us, and never settle for anything less than the best results for your law firm!