• Paushali Majumder

7 Steps to Create A Successful, Profitable Blog

In this digital era, running a blog is as easy as ABC. But the real deal is to make the most profit out of it! With an increasing number of blogs mushrooming all over the internet, and each of them striving to draw the attention of the mass, you need to strictly stick to the winning strategy to excel!

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7 steps to accomplish stellar blog-writing

Source: Unsplash

Here’s a list of the sequential steps to follow to stand out in blogging in terms of profitability!

Step 1: Determine your target audience

Imagine yourself at a departmental store where they do not have products categorized into dedicated segments. Even though there will be everything in stock, getting what you want would be difficult, right? Likewise, without streamlining your content in a specific way, targeting a particular genre of an audience, all your efforts will go in vain in spite of being relevant and well composed! So, determining whom your blog is aimed at, will not only add value to your writing but will also ensure that the disinterested bunch is kept at bay. However, to set your target audience all you have to do is focus on the topic that will form the backbone of your writings, research on the group that the decided topic interests, and finally after you start posting, keep a track of the analytics to check whether you’re succeeding to hold your audience!

STEP 2: Standardize a voice

After pinpointing whom you want to write for, how you plan to write comes into play. So, you need to impose a personality on your blog. Initially, setting a tone might seem a bit difficult. But, having a closer look at similar blogs can help you with that! Grow the habit of revising your posts after you compose them to find out what needs to be modified.

STEP 3: Don’t just start.. jumpstart!

This one is for those who are yet to set their blog live! Make sure you go technically right to have success onboard. While using a free platform might seem like a great idea, it is so only when you do it for fun. To give it a touch of professionalism you have to go for a paid domain name. That will not just contribute to the value of your blog, but also help it stand out with its one of a kind structure and set up.

STEP 4: Plan the blog posts wisely

One of the most crucial ‘make or break’ factor is how you compose your content. To score higher than the rest in the rat race you need to ensure your content is structured, published and promoted properly.

While you have the freedom when it comes to structuring, starting with a befitting introduction, laying out the body with proper subheads and ending on a summarized note is the best way to keep the reader’s attention on hold throughout!

A survey showed that once a blog has 50 pieces of published content, it starts drawing an exponentially higher amount of traffic and leads, resulting in improved sales. So, getting hands-on at least 50 blog posts (without compromising on quality!) faster is the shortcut to invite increased leads!

STEP 5: Sharpen up the ideating skills!

Working on ideas adopting a scientific approach overweighs random ideating any day! So, here’s an approach to help you with effect ideating-

  • Carry out thorough keyword research to catalyze conception of ideas as well as to identify the trending topics

  • Choose topics which are specifically aligned with your sales funnel(s) and fits the decision-action-delivery curve well

STEP 6: Fuel up sharing

Sharing your published write up with your followers doesn’t require you to break a sweat but at the same time, that isn’t as effective as your followers doing the same. For that, you need to make use of catchy social sharing buttons and images that can be pinned.

STEP 7: Build a consistent reader base

Hold on before you release that sigh of relief once you have aced the previous steps because you are yet to ensure another important factor, i.e. to hold a firm grip of your audiences. Invest in regular newsletters, content up-gradation and gated content to keep your audiences be regular visitors!

If you’re looking to create a profitable blog for your business, and a little confused about how to start, let our content ninjas help you drive through the clutter and achieve great results in terms of online visibility and performance. Reach us here.