• Paushali Majumder

A New Perspective on Engaging Content

The internet’s brimming with a myriad blogs posts already, and you, therefore, are in dire need of content that doubly ensures enticing your audience with a fresh, new perspective every time they stop by your website! But, are you running out of ways to do so? Are you upset over the once-on-hike statistics drooping down gradually, but have no idea where you went wrong? If your answer is a loud yes to the above questions, you are just at the right place!

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Only one act from your end is all that your website needs to undergo a much-needed makeover and bring back the ball in your court.

According to the unwritten thumb rule of this industry, content is the king and there’s no other way to opt for other than polishing your content to keep your audience glued in. So, content demands the prime focus quality-wise. Your content can only upgrade to ‘quality content’ when it minimizes error, retains originality and most importantly, waters your readers’ interest. While a good grip over the English language can help you keep your content error-free, creation of “engaging” content requires a lot more.

How to make your content interesting and up-to-the-mark?

Let’s run a glance through the tricks to adopt to make your content rule!

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Make your content spell engaging

Let’s face it- you can’t weave a few terms together and call it the definition of engaging content. But, chances are there, you can streamline it in a way that will cater to your target audiences’ interest.

That too is not as easy as it sounds. The first step is to extract the relevant information from the vast pool of information. Keeping things simple, accurate, and straightforward is what you need to do.

Put intent first

Engagement might be directly proportional to communication - jumping straight into a conversation without any preparation is a complete no-no!

So, before you get hands-on your next piece of content, consider some time out to determine the intent first. Because, if you don’t know where to go, how will you reach somewhere!

Thus, pick up the intent. Design your unique marketing strategy to raise brand awareness and boom! There you are, with clearly-defined goals leading to the production of engaging content.

Add value to your content

As a content marketer, your goal must be like all others’, i.e. to draw more traffic. The best way to add value to your content is to produce content that answers your readers’ queries. So, choose a topic that holds great relevance from a contemporary point of view. Also, incorporate a surprising factor in your content that makes your content stand out amongst the others on the same page.

Let the content reflect your creativity

While it may be true that keeping your content useful comes first, it is also of equal importance to keep it interesting.

So have to blend the best of analytics and unique presentation. For this, let your creativity be in charge!

Honestly, you’re probably not writing for the Harvard Business Review and thus, keeping the thesaurus and jargons away sounds like a wise idea!

Make room for content that people won’t have to break a sweat to get the meaning of. So, ditch the grey formal tone and make room for vibrant creativity.

Infuse your strengths and passions

So many content marketers are putting more or less the same efforts, but only a handful is stealing the limelight. The reason is simple- they are not as excited as they want their readers to be and that’s exactly where they fail to set the right feel to their content. To create content resonating with your audience, you have to give it a personal touch.

Take up a topic that you are crazy passionate about and let your views and emotions do the talking.

Mastering the art of storytelling might be difficult, but, once acquired, there will be no looking back!