• Ritobrata Sarkar

AI In Digital Marketing: A New Paradigm

As digital marketing adopts the new age technological advancements, the world of consumerism sees a paradigm shift in the way global markets are perceived. Get ready, as the AI revolution is already at your doorstep and is successfully gearing industries towards new heights.

So, what is AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is any piece of technology capable of thinking, learning, and responding like human beings; but on an advanced level. It is capable of pooling, analyzing, and computing unimaginable volumes of data from complex networks of information. In some instances, it is also able to formulate strategies and make real-time decisions. Although the impact of AI and machine learning stretches far beyond human comprehension, organizations are making humble steps towards implementing the rudiments in the digital marketing domain. Marketers are already deploying bots and other AI applications for driving sales and engaging clients. And this is just the beginning.

How AI is Transforming Digital Marketing

Proactive marketers don’t view “disruption” as something negative. Rather, it is viewed as an exponential “Transformation” towards betterment. Same with digital marketing, we should reap the benefits of AI advancements and work towards increasing our process efficiency. Following are how digital marketing is evolving with AI:

1. Smart Content Generation

Since machines are unable to be creative and express their own opinions, it is hard to imagine them generating content. What AI is capable of, however, is generating data-based content. Tools like Wordsmith, Articoolo, Quill, Heliograf etc. are already being used for new creative processes. Reuter, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post and other big media houses are employing these smart content generation tools to cut costs and increase process efficiency.

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2. Smart Email Marketing

Businesses are employing AI to personalize email marketing campaign based on preference and consumer behavior. It has enabled marketers to better connect with their prospects and even convert them into clients. Using the power of machine learning, marketers can determine the right time to contact prospects, contents that catch their attention, the right subject line that can generate clicks, etc. Boomtrain, Phrasee, Persado, etc. are some of the leading AI-powered email marketing tools.

3. Smart Digital Advertisements

AI can now analyze consumer data like demographics, areas of interest, purchase trends, buying behavior, etc. to identify the right prospects for your business. It can determine the actions consumers are likely to take when coming across digital advertisements. A good example is Google AdWords. It provides automated auction-based system that enables advertisers to pay the lowest possible price per conversion.

4. Smart Query Search

AI has radically changed the way online searches are processed. Research shows that 70% of internet users employ natural conversational language when putting forward their query. The demand for such optimized search query system has prompted companies to invent machine learning algorithms like Google’s RankBrain to interpret the user’s voice search and deliver corresponding results derived from the user’s language and context. AI is replacing long-tail keywords with more conversational ones to improve voice search results and fetch more organic traffic.

5. Smart Web Design

Manual web designing is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, AI-powered applications are capable of designing quality websites with utmost accuracy and efficiency. These applications gather user-provided information like images, texts, CTAs, etc. to develop fully functional and customizable websites.

6. Smart User Experience

AI, through its intelligent algorithms, is now personalizing user experience on a website. By analyzing multiple datasets like location, demographics, etc AI is now able to display content that is appropriate for each user. A good UX keeps a user engaged in a particular content, and AI is only making it better with time.

7. Smart Interactive Chatbots

Nowadays, a huge number of websites are implementing the concept of chatbots to increase prospect engagement. AI-powered chatbots are interactive and offer real-time answers to any query put forward by the user. They synergize organic and machine learning to deliver the correct response to the enquirer. Not only that, chatbots are available 24hrs per day and don’t have patience, anger and other emotional issues like their human counterparts. They will keep explaining or serving until the user is satisfied.

8. Smart Predictive Analysis

The deep learning aspect of AI makes these machines intelligent enough to detect patterns and make near accurate predictions. And when AI-powered predictive models are applied in digital marketing, it becomes much easier to determine whether a prospect will turn into a client. It can also predict the quoted price necessary to create conversions, which prospects are more likely to buy your product, etc. AI has the power to transform marketers from being reactive to proactive in their approach.


Markets are changing. AI is making its way into every aspect of business, transforming the way we perceive and execute strategies. And since digital marketing is currently at its expanding stage, it provides us a unified platform where we can synergize AI with marketing strategies and ensure a much faster and more efficient process in the market.