• Paushali Majumder

Boons of Cognitive Biases in Content Creation

Am I right, or am I not? Is this a logical conclusion to the XYZ problem, or it isn’t? Am I sure about it, or am I not?

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Most of us have had similar encounters with the Self; you might as well refer to it as self-analysis! In matters of serious importance especially, testing our cognitive reachability could quite possibly be a healthy exercise, if not going bonkers over an issue was our thing! What else could anyway be a suitable alternative to ideating fresh, right? Needless to say, it is only our deep, enriched cognitive thinking that helps us excavate newer meanings to bland, pre-existing concepts of interest. You may also say Cognition lays the fundamental foundation of the Content Industry today! Professional content writers, especially web content writers of recent times, are savvy with creative thinking, and adaptive communication. However, if you relook at the questions mentioned right at the beginning, you’d figure that these might not always lead to a completely foolproof, rationally correct answer! In most cases, you’d maybe just take a call, and sometimes might seek validation too! So, rather than toiling hard with your ‘cognitive bias’, why don’t you use it to your advantage?

Cognitive Bias: Underplay and Plan of Action

Now, what is a cognitive bias? Humans are a curious species of organisms who cannot avoid INTERPRETATION! Our judgments are often influenced by a lot of biases, and the very first signs of limitations in our cognitive thinking can be termed as cognitive bias. It is far away from what you refer to as logical fallacies, and are genuine limitations of human thinking. This is a predominant challenge faced by many professional writers, more so because any piece of information is subjected to diverse interpretation.

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Content Writing Services are no more just about churning out a 500 word article! It is about positioning a number of SEO articles in a more interactive and engaging way. If it does not help you influence, engage and sell, you are possibly not showcasing the right kind of content! So, if you too are in the business of SEO content writing, here’s how your cognitive biases can help you leverage your writing capabilities.

Influence your Reader’s Behaviour

If you have read a piece of information that is unnerving to you, make sure you communicate your feeling as exact as possible through your writing. Always remember, an impactful communication can only be established when the approach is honest and convincing. Your writing must motivate people to take action!

  • The Anchoring Effect– If you are writing a business blog with a purpose of selling your products, make sure you list out the most expensive products first, and then the affordable ones. For instance, you might ask your readers to purchase a book that costs 1000 INR right at the beginning, and finally end your article by mentioning that the same book is available in the e-format at just 300 INR. This would seem like a great bargain for your readers. While book connoisseurs would still go for the hard copy, many would opt for the e-book! Here’s the game – place your point clearly and anchor your reader’s action!

  • The Framing Effect– The framing effect invokes our tendency to make choices based on how a problem is presented. So, before you communicate a message, frame it the way you want to perceive it in your mind. If you are a startup for instance, who has bootstrapped to success, you may talk about the challenges faced in your journey by talking about your positive approach to running a business. The idea is to aware people about the problems, but in the end it is about motivating them towards successful entrepreneurship.

  • The Bandwagon Effect– Most often, we are mimicking what others are doing; sometimes without knowing, and sometimes being totally aware of it. But the point is to create something original if you intend to hit your readers’ interests. Say a reader lands up on one of your SEO article and wants to get notified about your future posts, he would definitely see how many people have appreciated your work before giving you his/her email address. People mostly prefer trying out things that are popular, and smart web content writers know how to use this to their advantage.

The Bottom Line

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As SEO content writers, it is your responsibility to garner as much interest for your company’s products and services, and never force ‘a selling point’ on your readers. Influencing, engaging and selling products and services demand a strong impact. So, before anything else, create a buzz! Also, if you are analysing your cognitive biases thoroughly, and using it to drive your content writing services business, we reaffirm that you’ve got people talking about you already!