• Paushali Majumder

Create persuasive content in 5 simple steps

Help your visitors make quick decisions! Don’t just settle for words put together in sentences. Make sure you dig the right amount of deep to provide all that your expected readers deserve, albeit the correct information! Here’s how!

  1. Be a brilliant barista! Just as good baristas serve you your coffee just the way you please, make sure you blend the right amount of ingredients to make your content informative as well as interesting! Your web visitors don’t want to browse aimlessly around your website to find the product they’re in need of. They want to find it quickly. Give them that!

  2. Get straight to the point! Beating around the bush shall end you up nowhere. Show your visitors that ‘your content’ is worth their time. And to achieve that, follow the ‘inverted pyramid pattern’. Put the most relevant information at the very beginning. The details can be discussed later. Once your visitors get THE point, they would read further and appreciate anyway!

  3. Flaunt your copy skills! Being too complex or creative often backfires. It’s better to keep your web copy as simple as possible. Pitch your copy skills aligned with the taste of your target audience. Sometimes, easy works wonders!

  4. Communicate clearly! Your headline must be worthy of being called a headline! So, call out clearly on the information that you put in there. Basically, the purpose and message must come out loud and clear.

  5. Write for one and all! Apart from avid readers, who love reading lengthy informative pieces, there is also a section of readers who are ‘scared’ of too much information. So, the ideal solution to retain such readers on your website is to show them that you care! Write short sentences and paragraphs, make the content visually enriching, AVOID using jargons, and maintain a conversational tone. Make your first visual impression speak by and large about your credibility!