• Ritobrata Sarkar

The Next Big Thing In Content Marketing

Source: indiantradeindex

When it comes to digital platforms, content marketing strategy occupies the central position. So much so, that it has almost eclipsed the scope of traditional marketing altogether.

Thanks to the internet and social media, content marketing ideas have reached unexpected heights, solving consumer problems that were previously unaddressed by traditional marketing strategies.

We’re now living in an increasingly connected world where content marketing is engaging, disrupting and reshaping consumerism.

But what does the future hold? Like any other invention, what is that next big thing in content marketing? Have we reached the innovation limit, or are we about to unleash a new paradigm of content writing services? Let us find out.

The Current Milestones In Content Marketing

1. Content Marketing Is Becoming Marketing Itself

Gone are the days, when marketers would shove one-sided product conversations upon their customers. Content can no longer be treated as a side project.

Marketers have realized the vital role content plays in driving success. Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing offers a two-way communication and feedback platform that increases customer engagement and retention.

Not only that, the 24*7 online availability and feedback system helps businesses in real-time transactions and product iteration.

The concept of digital marketing is becoming synonymous with marketing itself.

2. Content Strategy Is Becoming More Important

Businesses are now served by content strategies as a tool for achieving specific targets. SEO, Keyword research, meta description, and other content strategies are gaining more prominence than ever.

It is after all the search results page that determine SEO ranking of a particular piece of information, thus engaging more traffic to the business website.

These traffic in-turn help businesses generate revenue through affiliate marketing, pay per click methods, banner advertisements, conversion, etc.

3. Customer Success Is Becoming The Key

In this age of social media, where likes, shares, and subscriptions drive the success of businesses, marketers have realized that selling a particular product or service is not a one-time thing.

Businesses thrive on platforms that provide a continuous feedback facility between them and their customers. The result is an increase in the customer base.

And since internet success is all about how well a content strategy is shaped, more and more businesses are focusing on this new procedure.

4. Influencer Marketing Is Becoming The New Age Celebrity Endorsement

Be it Instagram or Facebook, the timelines are almost always flooded with product endorsements by popular users.

Their daily updates, stories, events, content marketing blogs and other engaging content for social media give different products and services the influencer marketing platform to exhibit and create value to online customers.

These customers are none other than the user’s large groups of followers, and we already know how they readily buy into everything their influencers say or recommend.

Thus, there is no need for SMEs and even large organizations to take up the tedious task of approaching a celebrity to popularize their products or services.

So what could be the next big thing in content marketing?

Technology is ever-evolving. So are content marketing strategies. While the former is propelled by the urge to make human lives more convenient, the latter is driven by consumer psychology and purchasing behaviors.

And since technology has become inseparable from human lives, content marketing is slowly synthesizing itself with technological innovations, thus giving rise to a whole new paradigm.

1. The Role of AI In Content Strategy Formulation

Artificial intelligence has marked a new era of technological advancements. It has taken over the basic human tasks in some of the large scale industries.

Whether it be logistics, healthcare, trade finance, education or defense, AI, along with IoT and Blockchain has ushered in a new era of mankind.

It is only a matter of time before AI will replace humans in research and analyses of market data and the corresponding formulations of content strategies, accurately aligned with the latest innovations and market opportunities.

2. Chatbots Redefining Search Engine Procedures

The days of manually typing your query on search engines will soon be over. It will be replaced by fully developed chatbots capable of inputting and learning information using their inbuilt machine learning systems.

Data search will not only become easier on the consumer side, but businesses can also drive in the right traffic. Unlike traditional internet search methods, chatbots would allow seekers to more conveniently mention filters for the specifications related to their query, thus reaching out to the right information they need.

This will form a connecting bridge between the consumer and the marketer.

3. The New Paradigm Of Applied Augmented Reality

Marketers are known for making use of every single opportunity that crosses their path. VR (Virtual Reality) technology is no exception.

It is going to be one of the next big thing (if not the next big thing) in content marketing.

Marketers will have the technology to offer an augmented 360-degree visual experience of the content, thus leaving a significantly higher impact as compared to traditional marketing.


We know how enterprises are leveraging technological advancements for improving management, training. logistics, investments, etc. It is high time they apply the same to digital marketing and SEO strategies to boost conversions and gain a significant competitive advantage amid the ever-evolving market environment.