• Ritobrata Sarkar

The Right Approach To Online Marketing For Your Business

Online presence has become mandatory for every business. Creating a digital platform can expand your customer base and increase the brand value of your business. But the internet offers no single solution for this. Countless articles regularly flood your feed with expert advises that end up intimidating you than offering assistance.

To keep things simple, yet productive, let’s pool the fundamental approaches from this complex network of information that you can adopt to effectively market your business online. Following are some of the basic steps you should consider:

1. Design A Marketable Website

A quality website leaves a lasting impression on the consumer mind. It sets the stepping stone towards your online success. You shouldn’t however, confuse the term “marketable” with “being flashy” or a website with “over-the-top design”. All you need is a decent template that gives your online presence a simple, yet elegant touch.

Work on the landing page, align relevant content using proper information architecture methods, ensure smooth navigation by employing micro-interactions, etc. Focus on giving your traffic a good user experience and the kind of service they are looking for. That’s why it is very important to highlight your products and services that align with current market demand or are latent within the consumer mind that you can address and leverage.

A good marketable website always centers around consumer needs and innovating ways of providing quality solutions to expand their online presence. Decide on your niche and direct your website towards their demand. Relying solely on visual creativity without harnessing consumer need, will keep your brand value from developing over the digital platform.

Also, make sure to optimize your website for mobile devices. Majority nowadays access blogs and websites via their cell phones more than through desktops/laptops.

2. Improve Search Engine Performance Through SEO

Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in the internet marketing services. It is the first step towards reaching out to your niche and creating optimum conversions. The end goal is to rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), thus increasing the online visibility of your business.

Higher the rank, more the organic traffic. The importance of search engines has only increased in the last decade. Approximately 71% of customers commence their purchasing journey over search engines like Google. Optimizing your website for higher search engine rank can thus fetch you a significant number of leads.

Not only that, a good SEO fetches quality leads who are interested in the product or service you’re offering. In other words, proper SEO brings the right customers to your doorstep. Identify the market trends, research on the keywords, ensure optimum long-tail keyword usage, and place them organically within your content to give it a boost in SERP ranking.

Always remember to refrain from keyword stuffing and adopt the organic approach as much as possible; Today’s search engines are smart enough to identify spams and have the authority to bring down any content exhibiting such traits.

3. Adopt Good Content Marketing Strategies

Businesses employ content marketing strategies as promotional assets aimed at attracting potential customers, generate brand awareness, grow organic traffic, boost leads and retain customers. To ensure your online success, you can adopt the following content marketing strategies:

1. Blog posts

2. Social Media Posts

3. E-Books

4. White Papers

5. Case Studies

6. Pictures & Videos

7. Infographics

8. Podcasts

9. Ad Content

Podcasts especially are quite in trend nowadays. Famous management consultancy McKinsey Group frequently hosts podcasts with scholars, specialists, and other eminent personalities, thus generating a unique value over the internet. In this fast-paced world, people prefer listening to podcasts than going through pages of lengthy content.

Know your target audience and design online marketing strategies accordingly. It is very important to know what type of content your niche finds appealing, and accordingly lay the foundations for a good customer engagement.

4. Go For Social Media Marketing

Since its inception, the social media boom has caused massive upsurges in the field of digital marketing services. So much so, that enterprises can longer gain competitive advantage without a minimum social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube are the six major social media channels that can propel your business towards online success.

Hosting digital marketing campaigns in these channels can drive more traffic to your website. Social media marketing gives a considerable boost to the already existing brand awareness. It is not only a tactic in itself, but can also render significant assistance to other digital marketing processes.

For example, you’ve launched a brochure in pdf format regarding your products or services and the new market opportunities you’re planning on exploring over the digital platform. The content is carefully strategized to address the target audience, but the ripple effect would be ten times stronger if you can connect this file with social media handles.

Since millions of people use social media channels, you’d instantly gain an exposure to a wide range of audience. Adding social media links would display your actions in your followers’ feed, thus notifying and updating them. Interested people would then be directed to your website as soon as they click on the notifications.

5. Insert Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

Pay-Per-Click Advertisements (PPC Ads) are online marketing tools that help you bank on your leads’ CTAs (Call To Action). Here, you’re an ad publisher who gets paid every time your leads click on a published ad.

Try using Google Ads, the most popular and effective tool for PPC Ads. It has helped countless entrepreneurs secure top rank on SERP. SEO takes time in fetching traffic. But PPC Ads show immediate results with every click.

6. Leverage The Influencer Marketing Scope

Influencer marketing is the new age celebrity endorsement. Though social media users are far from being celebrities themselves, they can influence the minds of their followers regarding a certain product or service.

Market segmentation shows that the things marketed by influencers gain a considerable boost in sales, as compared to those relying on traditional methods. To enhance your online presence, you must contact and co-ordinate with popular social media influencers who are likely to acknowledge and promote your offerings to their large base of followers.

7. Don’t Miss On The Affiliate Marketing Trend

Although the mechanism is very similar to that of PPC Ads, affiliate marketing has earned its reputation as a highly sought after digital marketing tool. There are two differences between affiliate marketing and PPC Ads.

First, instead of advertisements, affiliate marketing makes use of links developed by companies offering affiliate programs. Biggest example is Amazon, whose bulk sales rely heavily on affiliate marketing.

Second, unlike PPC Ads where you get paid with every click, affiliate programs offer commissions with every product purchased. So basically you don’t get paid unless the lead has purchased the affiliate product.

Nonetheless, affiliate products along with PPC Ads play a vital role in generating online profits as well as improve ranking on the SERP.

8. Showcase Your Brand Using Google-My-Business

It is one of the most important things to do if you’re planning on expanding your business online. Google My Business offers the platform to showcase your project with image, address, ratings and service details at the very top of Google’s SERP.

Projects ranging from big enterprises to SMEs, including groups and individuals have made it mandatory in their digital marketing checklist.

Google My Business combines different Google platforms in one place, thus giving your business instant credibility and visibility.

9. Promote On Coupon Deal Sites

Coupon deal sites like Groupon can help promote your online business. As the term suggests, these sites attract and engage a huge number of leads periodically. Their facility providing discount rates lure bulks of local, regional and even international businesses to visit and avail the coupons. Better the discount, more popular your deal.

One can only imagine the magnitude of traffic coming across your ad, should you choose to promote your business on these sites. Brand exposure, local advertising, brand awareness, increased customer base, etc. are among the many benefits of promoting your business on coupon deal sites.

10. Host Webinars

It is a type of seminar that is hosted online. A good webinar topic can not only drive a bulk of new subscribers, but can also build credibility with your current ones.

Compared to traditional videos, webinars come across as more interactive and engaging. The real-time feedback and QnA facility renders more value to your audience than an already streamed video running the same set of information.

Before hosting a webinar, identify your niche and determine the kind of potential customers who you’re about to invite for ensuring proper engagement throughout the session.

11. Provide Free Online Consultation

When you establish your business online, customers look forward to consult your expertise. And there’s no better way than offering an online consultation for free. This not only generates value, but also helps you to establish as an expert in your niche.

Many consultants refrain from giving away too much information on this platform. They fear that freeloaders would take advantage by gaining information for free and then turning their back on them forever. But this fear stands in contrast to the very concept of free consultation.

You see, this process is initially meant to generate value, not sales. It is designed to distinguish between casual leads and potential customers. Once the latter gains trust in your service, they’d automatically be willing to pay for further consultation. Then you can easily offer subscription plans and bank on this highly valuable opportunity.